class dbus_next.proxy_object.BaseProxyInterface(bus_name, path, introspection, bus)

An abstract class representing a proxy to an interface exported on the bus by another client.

Implementations of this class are not meant to be constructed directly by users. Use BaseProxyObject.get_interface() to get a proxy interface. Each message bus implementation provides its own proxy interface implementation that will be returned by that method.

Proxy interfaces can be used to call methods, get properties, and listen to signals on the interface. Proxy interfaces are created dynamically with a family of methods for each of these operations based on what members the interface exposes. Each proxy interface implementation exposes these members in a different way depending on the features of the backend. See the documentation of the proxy interface implementation you use for more details.

  • bus_name (str) – The name of the bus this interface is exported on.

  • path (str) – The object path exported on the client that owns the bus name.

  • introspection (Node) – Parsed introspection data for the proxy interface.

  • bus (BaseMessageBus) – The message bus this proxy interface is connected to.